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High yielding wheat variety Wheat Variety HI 1620

19 October 2022, New Delhi: High yielding wheat variety WheatVarietyHI 1620 is suitable forArea: Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Rajasthan (Except Kota and Udaipur Divisions), Western UP (Except Jhansi Division), Parts of J & K (Kathua district), parts of HP (Una district &Paonta Valley) and Uttarakhand (Tarai region) for Timely sown restricted irrigation

Field Preparation: 

Flat fertile soil, pre-sowing irrigation followed by ploughing with disc harrow, tiller and leveller at field capacity for optimum field conditions

Seed Treatment: 

Vitavax @ 2.0 gm/kg seed, Termite infestation: Imidacloprid or Chlorpyriphos @ 5 ml/kg seed is recommended. 

Sowing Time: 

October 25 – November 5

Seed Rate: 100 kg/ha line sowing with row-to-row distance of 20 cm

Fertilizer Dose:

90:60:40/ha (N:P:K)1/2 N at sowing and 1/2 at first node stage i.e. 35-40 days

Weed Control: 

For the control of broadleaved weeds metsulfuron @ 1.6 g/acre or carfentrazone @ 8 g/acre can be sprayed using 100-200 litres of water/acre at 35 days after seeding.

For the control of grasses clodinafop @ 24 g or fenoxaprop 40g or sulfosulfuron @ 10 g/acre should be used at 35 days after seeding.

For the control of complex weed flora combination of clodinafop and carfentrazone; or sulfosulfuron with metsulfuron can be applied at 30-35 DAS at sufficient soil moisture 

Disease and Pest control: Resistant to stripe & leaf rust and other diseases or can be apply propiconazole/ triademefone/ tebucanazole at 0.1% (1ml/litre) as foliar spray twice after disease appearance at 15 days interval

Irrigation: 01 irrigations. First at 35-40 DAS

Harvesting: 125-162 (average 145days)

Yield: 36.30 q/ha to 63.1 q/ha

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