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High yielding wheat variety Wheat Variety DBW222 (Karan Narendra)

20 October 2022, New Delhi: High yielding wheat variety Wheat Variety DBW222 (Karan Narendra)

Recommended for Irrigated Timely Sown Conditions of Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Rajasthan (except Kota and Udaipur divisions) and Western U.P. (except Jhansi division), Jammu and Kathua dist of Jammu and parts of H.P. (Una dist. and Paonta valley) and Uttarakhand (Tarai region)

Average Yield: 61.3 q/ha 
Potential Yield: 82.1q/ha

Plant Height: 103cm; 
Flowering: 95 days (Range: 89-103 days) 
Maturity: 143 days (Range: 139-150 days)

Strong stem strength and lodging tolerance

Resistant for stripe and leaf rust;

Highly resistant to Karnal bunt (9.1%) and loose smut (4.9%) 

Good Chapati-making score (7.5), High bread loaf volume (648), Better bread quality (8.24) and a biscuit spread factor of 8.45cm

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