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Solis S Series Tractor Range

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05 October 2023, New Delhi: The Solis S series tractors represent a comprehensive and versatile line-up that spans from 16 HP to 125 HP models, offering a solution for every farming requirement. With a wide range of power options, these tractors cater to the diverse needs of farmers, making them a reliable choice for both small-scale and large-scale agricultural operations.

One of the key strengths of the Solis S series is its extensive range of transmission options for each segment. S series understands that different farming tasks demand different transmission types, tractor sizes, and HP segments and they’ve ensured that each model in the S series comes equipped with the ideal transmission system and other features to maximize efficiency and productivity. The S series also boasts advanced features and technology to enhance farming operations. From precision agriculture to heavy-duty tasks, Solis S series tractors provide the tools necessary to get the job done efficiently. This comprehensive line-up ensures that farmers of all scales can find the perfect tractor to meet their specific needs, making Solis S series tractors a valuable asset in modern agriculture.

The Solis S series tractors stand tall as best-in-class agricultural marvels, celebrated, and highly esteemed worldwide. Their global acceptance and appreciation are a testament to their outstanding performance and innovative features. With cutting-edge technology, robust build quality, and exceptional reliability, Solis S series tractors have won the hearts of farmers on every continent. Their versatility makes them equally adept at tilling, seeding, harvesting, and everything in between. From North America to Asia, Europe to Australia, these tractors have earned the trust of farmers across the globe.

What model does it have?

In the lower power range, from 16 HP to 30 HP, tractors are equipped with a 6F+2R transmission option. These models provide excellent maneuverability and versatility for tasks that demand precision. What sets them apart is the inclusion of the S comfort package, enhancing operator ergonomics and ensuring a comfortable working environment. Additionally, the availability of front-end loader solutions makes these tractors even more versatile for various applications. The Solis S26 ShuttleXL, part of this range, stands out with its 9F+9R shuttle shift transmission, ideal for diverse loader applications. This feature allows for quick and efficient direction changes, making it a valuable asset for tasks that require speed and agility.

In the 45 HP to 75 HP range, tractors are equipped with swift shift 8F+2R transmission options. These models offer increased power and versatility, coupled with various tire combinations and a robust lifting capacity of up to 2500 kg. The addition of the S comfort package ensures that operators can tackle demanding tasks with ease and comfort. The Solis S series tractors continue to impress in the higher power segment, ranging from 75 HP to 125 HP, offering a comprehensive selection of models designed to handle demanding agricultural tasks with precision and efficiency.

For farmers requiring power in the 75 HP to 110 HP range, the Solis S series provides tractors equipped with a robust 12F+12R synchromesh shuttle transmission. This transmission offers versatility and adaptability, making it suitable for a variety of terrains and applications. Multiple tire combinations ensure that these tractors can tackle all kinds of surfaces, from fields to rough terrains. Moreover, the S comfort package comes standard in this range, prioritizing the operator’s working environment and ergonomics. This package enhances comfort during long working hours and enables seamless front-end loader capabilities. These tractors can efficiently handle lifting tasks with an impressive capacity of up to 3500 kg.

In the top-tier 125 HP model, Solis offers a powerhouse with a 24F+24R synchromesh shuttle transmission. This robust transmission system is complemented by an Electro-Hydraulic Lift, ensuring precise control and ease of use. With a lifting capacity of 4500 kg, these tractors are capable of handling heavy loads with ease. The Solis S series tractors in the higher power range are designed for professionals who demand reliability, performance, and versatility. Whether it’s the 75 HP to 110 HP models with their adaptability and front-end loader capabilities or the 125 HP model with its exceptional power and lifting capacity, Solis continues to deliver top-tier solutions for modern agriculture.

Technology Wise what is new in this series?

The Solis S series tractors are a global farming solution and offer a wide array of engine options, ensuring compatibility with emission regulations in both emission-based and non-emission-based countries. In emission-based countries, the Solis S series tractors are equipped with advanced emission control systems, including DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst) + DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) in models ranging from 50 HP to 75 HP. Moreover, some models in the 90 HP to 110 HP range incorporate SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology for even greater emissions control. For regions with less stringent regulations, the S series also offers Stage 2 and Stage 3 engines, striking the perfect balance between power and environmental responsibility.

The Solis S series tractors represent a pinnacle of innovation and performance in the higher HP utility segment. With a robust feature set that includes EH (Electric-Hydraulic) PTO (Power Take-Off), EH 4WD (Four-Wheel Drive), EH Differential Lock, and a cutting-edge Power Splitter, these tractors are designed to meet the demanding needs of modern agricultural operations.

The standout feature, the Power Splitter, is a game-changer. It enables the operator to split power between the front and rear wheels independently, resulting in unparalleled maneuverability and versatility. Whether you’re fine-tuning your turns or navigating tight spaces, the Power Splitter empowers you to work with precision.

In terms of transmission, the Solis S series tractors offer a range of technologies to suit different farming needs. The synchromesh shuttle transmission provides seamless gear shifting, enabling smooth operation and precision in a variety of tasks. For those seeking advanced capabilities, the S series introduces the Power Shuttle transmission, featuring various speed options for precise control and enhanced efficiency. This transmission innovation ensures that operators can adapt to different tasks effortlessly. All models in the S series come equipped with the S comfort package, prioritizing the operator’s working environment and ergonomics. Cockpit-style controls provide intuitive and comfortable operation, while the front-end loader solution adds versatility to these tractors, making them suitable for a wide range of agricultural applications.

For Which Market these models are available?

One of the key strengths of the Solis S series is its adaptability to different regions and emissions standards. It offers various engine options to suit both emission-based and non-emission-based countries. From advanced emission control systems like DOC + DPF to SCR technology and Stage 2/3 engines, the Solis S series ensures compliance with environmental regulations wherever you farm.

In addition to its versatility in emissions control, its diverse array of transmission choices ensures that you can find the perfect tractor to match your specific needs, whether it’s precision farming or heavy-duty tasks. Their adaptability, advanced features, and commitment to operator comfort make them a valuable asset to farmers around the world, ensuring that no matter where you farm, Solis has a tractor that fits your requirements.

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