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Solis H Series Tractor Range

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05 October 2023, New Delhi: Solis H Series Tractor Range

What is the H series?

The Solis H series tractors represent a groundbreaking entry into the compact tractor segment. The Solis H series truly stands out in providing precision and efficiency with its exceptional hydrostatic transmission system that ensures seamless operation, resulting in beautifully maintained landscapes. This innovative transmission system allows for precise and smooth control, making tasks such as lawn management, golf course maintenance, and makes various field management activities effortless. Solis H series tractors are the epitome of performance, reliability, and advanced transmission technology.

In addition to that the future of Solis H series will be underneath the Advance Lawn Management Systems as we call ALMS. ALMS leverages GPS technology to precisely map out your lawn or garden, ensuring every square inch is covered. It then navigates the terrain, mowing, trimming, and performing other necessary tasks with unmatched precision. This eliminates the need for manual labor, saving you time and effort. ALMS is equipped with advanced sensors and AI algorithms that enable it to adapt to changing conditions. It can detect obstacles, adjust its mowing patterns based on grass growth, and even respond to weather conditions. This adaptability ensures a consistently well-maintained lawn.

What model does it have?

The Solis H series tractor line-up is making waves with its current 26 HP models (showcased at the event), offering both ROPS (Roll-Over Protection Structure) and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) options. These models are designed to provide farmers with a versatile and comfortable solution for their agricultural needs. Excitingly, the near future holds even more promise for the Solis H series, as it expands to include a range of new models in the 22-50 HP range. With a variety of power options and advanced features on the horizon, Solis is poised to continue revolutionizing the farming industry by providing reliable, efficient, and comfortable solutions for agricultural tasks of all scales.

Technology Wise what is new in this series?

The all-new Solis H-26 HVAC Tractor is the epitome of excellence in agricultural machinery. This remarkable tractor boasts an industry-leading AC cabin with unparalleled cooling capacity, designed to keep you comfortable during long hours in the field. Our advanced cooling technology ensures that you stay refreshed and focused on your work, even in the scorching sun. Equipped with a 2-stage Hydrostatic Transmission, a proven Japanese technology, the Solis H-26 ensures seamless gear shifts and maximizes fuel efficiency. Moreover, a controlled cabin environment protects you from dust, allergens, and pollutants, promoting better health.

The Solis HVAC system represents a ground-breaking innovation in the compact tractor segment, setting new industry standards with unparalleled performance and an unbeatable value proposition. Ensuring operator comfort in all conditions will enhance productivity by providing a comfortable working environment, and reducing heat-related stress and fatigue during long hours in the field.

For Which Market these models are available?

The Solis H series tractor line-up is poised for a global debut, bringing its impressive feature set to farming communities across the world. One of the hallmarks of the Solis H series is its adaptability to meet the needs of both emission-required and non-emission-required regions. This means that farmers worldwide can benefit from the exceptional capabilities of Solis H series tractors, without compromising on environmental compliance.

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