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Solis N Series tractor range

05 October 2023, New Delhi: The Solis N Series is a specialized line of narrow tractors designed to cater to the unique needs of farmers working in confined spaces such as orchards and vineyards. These tractors are meticulously crafted to maneuver efficiently in tight rows where traditional, bulkier tractors struggle to operate.

The Solis N Series is characterized by its compact size and slender profile, allowing it to navigate through narrow paths and between rows of crops with ease. Equipped with powerful engines, these tractors provide the necessary muscle to perform a wide range of agricultural tasks, from ploughing and seeding to spraying and harvesting.

These tractors prioritize operator comfort and ease of use, featuring user-friendly controls and a comfortable cabin. Additionally, they often come with specialized attachments and implements tailored to the needs of orchard and vineyard operations.

What model does it have?

The Solis N Series represents a cutting-edge line of narrow tractors, currently comprising of three models: the N60, N75, and N90 (showcased at the event). These specialized tractors are designed to excel in confined agricultural environments, particularly orchards and vineyards, where row spacing is limited.

The N60 & N75 models are powered by a robust 60 & 75 HP engine respectively, while the N90 boasts a high-performance 90 HP engine with impressive torque capabilities. Both models incorporate advanced emission control technologies to meet stringent European environmental norms.

Technology Wise what is new in this series?

Equipped with advanced engines with emission norms of Stage V, Tier 4 F & Stage 3A. Standard Creeper Synchro-Shuttle transmission with heavy-duty lift capacity. These tractors have 1.4m overall width which makes them suitable for working in narrow fields. The tractor has Cat 4 Cab Specially for European markets to work efficiently in spraying operations

For Which Market these models are available?

The N Series is designed for the Global market including Europe, USA, Africa & South America Regions, and Solis N60, N75, and N90 narrow tractors are set to make a powerful entrance into the agricultural market. These high-performance machines combine precision and power to cater to the specific demands of farmers, particularly those with limited row spacing in orchards and vineyards. 

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