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3 Most Powerful Tractors In India

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16 February 2024, New Delhi: The Indian tractor market is growing in India at an average growth of 8% and is expected to touch 1 million tractor sales by 2025. Farmers in India used to buy small HP range tractors but in recent years, the market has turned towards higher HP tractors for more power in farming and haulage work. Grasping the needs of the farmers, the major Indian manufacturers have started to bring out tractors that have power and are more efficient in working.

Seeing the tractor purchase trend in India, we are sharing with you the top three tractor manufacturers and their highest HP tractor models.

1.   Mahindra NOVO 755 DI PP 4WD V1 Tractor

Mahindra NOVO 755 DI PP 4WD V1 Tractor

The Mahindra NOVO 755 DI PP 4WD V1 Tractor is known for its powerful engine and advanced features. It offers a 55.1 kW (73.8 HP) engine, four-way adjusting seating for comfort, rollover protection for safety, and precise hydraulics with a high lifting capacity of 2900 kg. The tractor also has synchromesh gears with multiple speed options and an advanced engine for maximum power. It is considered one of the best 4WD tractors in India, thanks to its Digisense technology that allows users to connect with the tractor via smartphone. 

2.    SWARAJ 969 FE


The new Swaraj 969 FE is a 49.2-52.1 kW with a 70 HP engine. The tractor comes with 3 Cylinders with an engine size of 3478 cm3. The model has oil-emerged type disc brakes and a PTO r/min of 540, 540E, with 8 multispeed forward and 2 reverse.

3.     Sonalika Tiger DI 75 4WD CRDS

Sonalika Tiger DI 75 4WD CRDS

Sonalika Tiger DI 75 4WD CRDS is a 75 HP Category tractor with Common Rail Diesel System (CRDS) technology, 12F + 12R Gear speeds with Shuttle tech transmission, and advanced 5G Hydraulics. Sonalika Tiger DI 75 4WD CRDS is part of Sonalika’s latest Tiger range of tractors which are powerful and fuel-efficient engines. The tractor has been designed in Europe. It has the widest range of 5 different multi-speed transmissions to handle different operations, and 3 different advanced & intelligent 5G hydraulics giving a choice of over 140+ auto settings.

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