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Alarm Bells Ring for Apple Growers in Kashmir Amidst Plummeting Prices

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05 April 2024, New Delhi: Apple growers in Kashmir are facing significant losses as the demand for apples has sharply declined, leading to a drop in prices. Fruit growers and buyers have expressed concern over the current situation, highlighting the substantial decrease in apple prices compared to the peak season in October-November 2023.

Mohamad Ashraf, a fruit grower from Shopian, shared his experience, stating that he was offered Rs 1,200 per apple box in November last year but decided to store them in a cold store at Lassipora. Unfortunately, he is now receiving only around Rs 800 per box, which is much lower than the expected rates of Rs 1,800-2,000.

Similarly, Shakeel Ahmad, an apple trader, expressed disappointment as he purchased high-quality apples at Rs 1,000-1,500 per box last November, only to find that the current selling price has dropped to Rs 1,000 per box.

Ahmad mentioned that there was an expectation of increased demand in the spring season, leading growers and buyers to store apples in cold storage. However, the anticipated surge in demand did not materialize, resulting in significant financial losses.

Confirming the downward trend, Azhar Anjum, the manager of a cold store, stated that apple prices have plummeted by Rs 300-400 per box. Presently, Kulu boxes are being sold for around Rs 1,000 per box, while Delicious apples fetch only about Rs 800. The decline in prices has impacted both growers and traders in the region.

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