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Vietnam won the world’s best rice award at The Rice Trader 2023 contest

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30 November 2023, VN: Ong Cua ST25 Rice, developed by engineer, Labor Hero Ho Quang Cua and his colleagues, won the first prize at the 15th annual World’s Best Rice Contest

Since its introduction to the market in 2021, the brand “Ong Cua ST25 Rice” has received widespread acclaim both domestically and internationally. This exceptional rice is now officially available in key markets such as the US, Australia, the UK, and the EU. The distinctiveness of this rice variety lies in its integration of two distinct genetic sources, resulting in a unique fragrance that mirrors the scent of pandan leaves from the South and the delightful aroma of popcorn from the North when cooked.

This innovative genetic approach, combined with a deep understanding of complex hybridization methods, has empowered the engineering team to continually refine and enhance rice varieties. This commitment to innovation and quality stood out and earned accolades from judges at the 15th World’s Best Rice Contest, showcasing the prowess of Vietnam in the realm of rice production.

Beyond its exquisite taste, Ong Cua Rice ST25 carries significant social value. The Mekong Delta region’s farming community, adept in rice-shrimp rotation farming, plays a pivotal role in the production process. Their participation in the value chain through the “farm to table” model ensures delicious rice and underscores Vietnam’s commitment to sustainable agriculture with high economic value

These sustainable and quality-driven innovations guarantee the delivery of top-tier rice grains to consumers worldwide, solidifying Vietnam’s reputation as a global leader in the rice industry. In a successful year marked by international competitions for delectable rice, Vietnam also celebrated the early November victory of the RVT Fragrant rice product from the Vietnam Seed Group, securing the China – ASEAN International Rice Quality Gold Medal.

International observers laud Vietnam’s success as a prime example of innovation, collaboration, and dedication to providing delightful meals to households worldwide. The rich tapestry of the world’s culinary journey expands as Vietnamese specialty flavors persist in leaving an indelible mark on the international stage. Vietnam’s achievements in rice production underscore not just culinary excellence but also a commitment to sustainable practices that resonate globally

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