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Conab raises Brazil’s record grain harvest

17 July 2023, Brazil: Brazil is expected to harvest a record 317.5 million tonnes of grains for the 2022-23 cycle, which is 44.9 million tonnes (16.5%) more than the previous year, according to the 10th Grain Harvest Survey by Conab, the country’s food supply and statistics agency.

The estimate from the survey released July 13 is also 0.6% higher than June, mainly due to the better performance of corn second crop observed in the field in the past month and the growth of the area sown with wheat, combined with the good weather.

″The adjustment reinforces the record Brazilian harvest,″ said Edegar Pretto, president of Conab. ″Brazilian agriculture has been demonstrating its strength and potential to reach increasingly higher numbers with constant investments that allow for increases in productivity.″

Soybeans are expected to reach a record 154.6 million tonnes, up 29 million tonnes (23.1%) from the previous year. Corn is forecast to tip the scales at 127.8 million tonnes, including the three crop harvests, exceeding total crop grown in 2021-22 by 14.6 million tonnes, or 12.9%.

The increase in Brazilian production, in line with greater international demand, should increase the volume of corn exports to 48 million tonnes in 2023, Conab noted. Exports for soybeans are estimated at 95.64 million tonnes, up 21.5% compared to the previous harvest.

Conab said production of other crops such as cotton, beans and sorghum also are trending higher, while oats, rye and wheat volumes will decline compared to the previous harvest.

The survey also estimated total sown area at 78.2 million hectares, 3.7 million hectares (4.9%) greater than 2021-22. Area planted to soybeans has shown the most growth, adding 2.6 million hectares (6.2%), while corn added 576,000 hectares (2.7%) and wheat increased 343.400 hectares (11.1 %).

Conab also adjusted oilseed crushing to 52.82 million tonnes, up from 52.29 million tonnes in June, as a result of increased biodiesel production.

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