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Various anti-freezing measures have been adopted in many places to reduce the impact of cold wave weather on agricultural production.

11 December 2023, ChinaRecently, many places have adopted various anti-freezing measures to reduce the impact of cold wave weather on agricultural production.

In the past few days, in the wheat seed fields in Yanjin and Huojia counties in Henan, all integrated water and fertilizer machines and sprinkler irrigation equipment have been turned on, and local agricultural technicians have guided large grain growers to pour winter water. At the same time, based on the wheat seedling conditions and moisture conditions in different areas, farmers are guided to take measures such as firming up the soil and spraying regulators to cope with the cooling weather.

In Peitun Village, Guangfu Town, Yongnian District, Handan City, Hebei Province, in the past two days, Bao Village cadres notified everyone of meteorological information and measures to deal with cold wave weather through village loudspeakers and WeChat. The agricultural technology team dispatched by the agriculture department also went deep into the fields to guide farmers in strengthening and maintaining vegetable greenhouses, and explained to vegetable farmers how to prevent and mitigate disasters and scientifically increase the temperature inside the greenhouses.

Recently, most areas in Jiangxi have experienced continued cooling and windy weather. In order to allow rapeseed to survive the winter safely, agricultural technicians from Shibu Town, Xinjian District, Nanchang City, instructed farmers to spray nutrient solutions and overwintering fertilizers in batches. This year, the new district is actively promoting the “rice + rapeseed” crop rotation model. The local agricultural department also uses a combination of online and offline methods to allow experts to accurately connect with farmers to solve problems in rapeseed production.

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