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Vietnam: The agricultural sector strives to successfully achieve the set targets

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08 July 2023, Vietnam: The total export turnover of agro-forestry-fishery products in the first 6 months of 2023 reached 24.59 billion USD, down 11.1% over the same period in 2022. In which, the main agricultural product group accounted for 12.79 billion USD, an increase of 12%; livestock products USD 232 million, up 26.5%; seafood 4.13 billion USD, down 27.4%; main forest products 6.5 billion, down 28.2%.

According to the statistics from the General Statistics Office, the growth rate of AFF production value in the first six months was estimated at 3.1%. In detail, agriculture increased by 3.14% (crop cultivation increased by 2.11% and livestock farming increased by 4.88%), forestry increased by 3.43%, and fisheries increased by 2.96%. The GDP growth rate of the AFF sector in the first six months was relatively high, reaching 3.07%, with agriculture increasing by 3.14%, forestry increasing by 3.43%, and fisheries increasing by 2.77%.

In terms of export markets, China, the United States, and Japan continue to be the three largest export markets for Vietnamese AFF products. The export value to China accounted for 21.4%, an increase of 7.7%; export to the United States accounted for 20.2%, a decrease of 32.9%; and export to Japan accounted for 7.7%, a decrease of 5.3%.

The agricultural and rural sector continues to undergo a strong transformation from agricultural production to agricultural economy, promoting restructuring towards eco-friendly agriculture and circular agriculture.

Challenges and difficulties arising from the impact of input material prices for agricultural, forestry, and fisheries production, potential outbreaks of plant and animal diseases, unpredictable weather conditions, more severe El Nino with intense heat, water shortage risks for AFF production, and forest fires in many areas are still at high levels. These factors will impact production and business, requiring the entire sector to make efforts, concentrate resources, seize opportunities, overcome difficulties and challenges, and effectively implement the set goals and solutions to successfully complete the set targets.

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