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The 14th Chinese Farmers Spring Festival Gala was held in Jingmen, Hubei

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05 February 2024, China: The 14th Chinese Farmers Spring Festival Gala was held on the evening of the 2nd at the Sports and Culture Center in Jingmen City, Hubei Province. The party presented a magnificent picture of rural revitalization through high-quality cultural performances and interviews with celebrities from rural areas and farmers, and presented a cultural feast full of agricultural flavor and strong New Year flavor to the national audience.

Jingmen, Hubei Province is known as the “Gateway to Jingchu” and is a node city connecting the three major metropolitan areas in Hubei. The first relics of prehistoric rice cultivation more than 5,000 years ago discovered in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River are at the Qujialing site in Jingmen.

The theme of this party is “Inheriting the Yangtze Valley Civilization and the Dragon and Phoenix Presenting the Chinese New Year”, and the creativity revolves around “a grain of rice opens three doors, a play travels through three time and space, and a piece of jade warms three civilizations”.

At the party, Jingmen’s original situational song and dance “Farmer Soul·Qujialing” comprehensively used stage laser engraving, on-site real-time AR overlay, laser projection curtain and other acoustic and optical means to open the stage with the light of civilization brought by a grain of rice. The “Gate” travels back to the farming life scenes of the ancient city of Qujialing more than 5,000 years ago. It artistically displays the world’s earliest wheel-made black pottery technology and the country’s earliest spinning wheel weaving technology, creating an immersive stage effect of traditional culture + modern technology. .

In addition, the Shaanxi folk song “Tall Buildings Rise from the Ground”, the unique stunt “New Farmers and New Power”, and the Guizhou song “Happy Guizhou Family Portrait” link the Yangtze River culture and the Yellow River civilization, using the same jade dragon unearthed from multiple ancient city sites as a lead. Put together a colorful program portfolio.

This party also invited typical representatives such as Professor Zhu Renshan of the “Migrant Bird Team” of rice breeding from Wuhan University, Zhao Meili, the “Great Country Farmer”, and Zhou Chunlan, the “National Rural Reading Model”, to tell touching stories of rural revitalization. At the scene, the AI ​​host “Chu Xiaonian” interacted with the host on the same stage, telling the story of the thousand-year inheritance of Yangtze Valley civilization from the origin of farming to rural revitalization.

Under the guidance of the Propaganda Department of the Hubei Provincial Party Committee, this party is co-sponsored by the Hubei Provincial Radio and Television Bureau, Hubei Radio and Television, Hubei Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Hubei Provincial Agricultural Development Center, and Jingmen Municipal Government.

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