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Seipasa’s Radisei biostimulant label is extended to include horticultural crops in Spain

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25 June 2021, Spain: Seipasa, the Spanish company specialised in the development and formulation of biopesticides, biostimulants and fertilizers for agriculture, has obtained the extension of its Radisei label in Spain for outdoor and greenhouse horticultural crops in soil.

Radisei is a root biostimulant registered with the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food that Seipasa launched on the market in May 2020In addition to horticultural crops, the product is registered for woody crops, fruit trees, citrus fruit cropsolive trees, vines and table grapes, berries, tropical crops, and banana trees, among others. 

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In the opinion of José Ramón Fernández, Seipasa’s Registrations Manager, the extension to Radisei’s label highlights the product’s excellent field performance and confirms the company’s commitment to creating new alternatives and making them available to farmers. 

“The extension of Radisei’s label to include horticultural crops is the outcome of a long process of listening to the market and detecting the needs of farmers. The performance and efficacy of the product, in terms of improvement, stimulation and development of the root system are excellent, as can be seen from the results obtained during this first year on the market”, Mr Fernández assured. 

Seipasa’s Registrations Manager explained that the characteristics of Radisei are of great advantage and benefit to horticultural crops and added that this has been the reason for the company’s determination to obtain the extension of its label.

“Radisei is a fast-acting product with immediate effects on crops. It stimulates the development of roots and absorbent hairs as well as improving nutrient absorption by unlocking those present in the soil and making them available to the plant“.

Exclusive strain of Bacillus subtilis

Radisei is a root biostimulant designed to achieve maximum power in plants, based on a specific formulation that includes Seipasa’s exclusive strain of Bacillus subtilis.  

Radisei activates different biological soil processes, it unlocks essential micro and macronutrients and brings about greater development of the root system, aiding the crop at the start and ensuring a high-quality final production.

The product acts on plant roots and generates a biofilm with a high exchange capacity over the whole of their surface.  It produces a greater mass of roots and absorbent hairs and, at the same time, activates the biological processes of the soil. 

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