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Seipasa’s Pirecris label is extended in Morocco for use in berry growing

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06 October 2021, Spain: Seipasa, the Spanish company specialised in the development and formulation of bioinsecticides, biofungicides and biostimulants for agriculture has announced that its bioinsecticide Pirecris has obtained the extension of its phytosanitary registration in Morocco to include berry growing.

This new certification obtained by Seipasa applies to the control of thrips and aphids on berries, mint, aromatic plants, rapeseed and spinach, among other crops. It extends the uses for which the product label was already registered in Morocco, namely the control of aphids and whitefly in a wide variety of horticultural crops.  

The Director of Seipasa-Africa Business Unit, Mohcine Ousfani, underlined that this extension of the Pirecris label, which in Morocco is marketed under the brand name of Pyrecris, provides Moroccan producers with a high value added solution to combat crop pests.

“Over the past two years 90% of Moroccan berry exports have been sent to the European Union.   Berry production is geared towards highly demanding markets and Moroccan farmers need to have tools that are capable of producing harvests with no chemical residues and that can provide maximum efficacy in pest control”, Mr Ousfani added.

The Director of Seipasa-Africa Business Unit pointed out that with this extension of the label, producers now have a tool backed by an extensive international track record, designed for use in high value-added crops. 

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“Pirecris has been developed according to Seipasa’s Natural Technology model.  In addition to Morocco, Pirecris has obtained phytosanitary registration in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, France, Mexico and Colombia. It is a product that we have a great deal of experience of, in different agricultural systems worldwide, so that we are constantly and continually improving it”, Mr Ousfani explained.

Powerful shock effect to combat pests

Pirecris is a bioinsecticide developed by Seipasa that provides a powerful shock effect to combat thrips, aphids and whitefly, among other insect species. The product acts on eggs and larvae, very significantly reducing the number of new generations.

Pirecris is designed based on an exclusive formulation thanks to the perfect balance between PI and PII molecules that form the active substance and that afford maximum insecticidal efficacy, both for field crops and greenhouse crops.

The micro-molecules in its formulation condense and generate a stable, balanced network throughout the solution, providing perfect coverage of the leaf and insect.

Pirecris degrades quickly and has a short safety interval. It is an ideal tool to use in integrated pest management programmes.

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