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REGEV First hybrid foliar fungicide in the market

REGEV™ the first Hybrid Fungicide that combines the disease control activity of a natural botanical fungicide with the strength & and activity of a chemical ingredient.

21 July 2021, Israel: REGEV is a combination of Tea Tree Oil (TTO) and difenoconazole and controls a broad range of plant diseases on arable crops, fruits, and vegetables.  Growers can now obtain excellent disease control activity from two modes of action, with only one residue.

The product is currently being used in Philippines.

The preventative and curative activity of REGEV, broad crop and disease control label, combined with its ability to enhance plant growth and yield, provides significant value to growers.  These attributes make REGEV an important new component in plant disease management and control programs.

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REGEV allows farmers to reduce synthetic pesticide usage, maintain a strong resistance management program while still obtaining excellent crop disease control. Studies have shown that a combination of TTO together with difenoconazole improved the efficacy of difenoconazole and the sensitivity of difenoconazole against fungal isolates which exhibited lower sensitivity to difenoconazole.

Modes of Action

REGEV works by two modes of action both as a cell membrane disruption (FRAC group 46) and sterol biosynthesis in membranes (FRAC group 3). These two unique modes of action provide REGEV with high efficacy against a wide range of plant diseases:

  • Tea Tree Oil (TTO) is applied for the control of various fungi and bacterial diseases.  It controls fungal pathogens through inhibition of respiration and disruption of the cell membrane.
  • Difenoconazole, used for the control of many diseases, has preventative and curative activity and acts by inhibiting ergosterol biosynthesis.