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Farmers Edge Welcomes Maple Leaf Foods’ Investment in Regenerative Agriculture Carbon Offsets

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13 April 2022, Canada: Farmers Edge Inc., a global leader in digital agriculture, today announced Maple Leaf Foods Inc.’s (“Maple Leaf Foods”) purchase of certified regenerative agriculture carbon offsets located on CSA Group’s GHG CleanProjects® Registry. Maple Leaf Foods’ investment in regenerative agriculture represents a significant industry milestone.

Connecting sustainability with productivity and profitability for growers, Farmers Edge is focused on introducing an innovative carbon program that rewards farm operations for their land stewardship, resulting in the generation of high-quality carbon offsets. Using Farmers Edge unique digital infrastructure, encompassing site-specific sensors, AI-driven software (FarmCommand®), precision agronomy services, and boots-on-the-ground data validation, farmers can seamlessly access a 360-degree view of their carbon footprint and verifiable carbon reductions, completely traceable back to the individual acre where it was generated.

A recent study showed that more than half of consumers want to buy environmentally sustainable products, but more than 60% struggle to understand when food meets that criteria. The work by Farmers Edge will help transform how consumers make decisions about food, enabling deeper transparency across the food value chain, increasing trust, and improving traceability of information from field to table.

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“We understand a low-carbon future can only be achieved when we collaborate and align our individual goals for the greater good,” says Wade Barnes, Farmers Edge Founder and CEO. “Maple Leaf Foods is a leader in its field and shares our deep commitment to sustainability. Together, we’re creating opportunities to support Canadian farmers and reinvest in agriculture. When a consumer makes a choice from the grocery shelf, we want them to feel confident in knowing where their food comes from and the steps that farmers are taking to produce more sustainable, lower-carbon products. At the same time, farmers can get rewarded and recognized for the regenerative farming practice changes they make to protect natural resources and advance sustainability across their operation.”

“As the first major carbon neutral food company in the world, Maple Leaf Foods is excited about the work Farmers Edge is doing on regenerative farming practices with Canadian grain farmers,” says Tim Faveri, Vice President, Sustainability and Shared Value at Maple Leaf Foods. “Farmers Edge Smart Carbon program is important for Canadian agriculture, and we look forward to evolving and supporting the program in the future.”

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