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Users of John Deere Operations Center™ can integrate their data with FarmCommand platform from Farmers Edge

10 February 2022, Canada: Farmers Edge Inc. (“Farmers Edge” or the “Company”) (TSX: FDGE), a global leader in digital agriculture, today announced an agreement that will allow users of its FarmCommand® digital agriculture platform to integrate their data with their John Deere Operations Center™ account. Any Operations Center user can opt in to seamlessly link their data to FarmCommand, a platform that integrates information from a wide range of sources – including mixed-fleet equipment, satellite imagery, weather stations, and more – to give farmers and their trusted advisors the powerful analytics they need to support critical management decisions that drive yields and profits.

“Farming is a data-driven business, and connectivity between systems is critical for success, no matter what you are growing,” said Farmers Edge founder and CEO Wade Barnes. “This data integration with the John Deere Operations Center is enhancing our ability to deliver high levels of connectivity that help farmers simplify record keeping, improve risk management, and establish transparent opportunities to scale and increase profitability. This empowers farmers to easily consolidate information from multiple sources in one convenient place and make more informed decisions by leveraging the data they own, no matter where it comes from.”

Users who allow the data to be shared will have the ability to add equipment, edit equipment name, offsets, terminal settings, geofences and curfews, and maintenance plans, as well as the capability to access and exchange files between systems. They can also view equipment details, including location, driving directions, alerts, offsets, maintenance plans and landmarks. In addition, they are able to view operational field results, products, field lists, field locations, boundaries, and tracks.

Farmers Edge is continuing to expand the FarmCommand platform and integrate key digital technologies to support efficient, profitable, and sustainable farming.

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