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NEWBIE project: what are the main issues facing new entrants to farming?

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14 September 2021, Europe: Researchers from the James Hutton Institute are seeking views from farmers and farming professionals from across Europe in relation to the support, challenges and opportunities for new entrant farmers.

This survey has been devised in partnership with Fachhochschule Südwestfalen (German University of Applied Sciences) within the NEWBIE project (2018-2021). The project aims to facilitate the development and dissemination of new business models, including new entry models, to the full range of new entrants – from successors to complete newcomers to the agricultural sector. 

The NEWBIE network offers a unique platform by bringing together new entrants, successors, advisors, researchers, important regional and national actors and relevant stakeholders in national networks. Activities undertaken within the NEWBIE network(s) have included international exchanges, awards for new entrant farms, discussion circles, new entrant storytelling videos and a range of additional toolkits and learning materials.

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The survey takes approximately 15 minutes to complete, and participants will have the option to win a trip to the NEWBIE final conference next month in Montpellier (27-28th October).

The survey will be open for participation until the 13th of October. Thanks to translations by the NEWBIE project partners, the survey can be completed in multiple languages in addition to English (i.e., Bulgarian, Dutch, French, German, Portuguese, Slovenian).

Rachel Creaney, a social researcher at the James Hutton Institute’s Social, Economic and Geographical Sciences department said: “The NEWBIE project has highlighted that new entrant farmers face multiple challenges, but also more positively can often bring new skills and ideas to their farming practices and models.

“This survey is being distributed throughout the NEWBIE network (and beyond) to gather further information on the specific issues and barriers that new entrants face, as well as the potential support mechanisms that can help to reduce some of these barriers across Europe.”

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