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AgroFresh Announces Launch of Plant-Based Coatings Under VitaFresh™ Botanicals Brand

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The edible coatings will be available worldwide to help extend produce freshness from harvest to the kitchen counter, creating a more sustainable supply chain

02 March 2021, USA: AgroFresh Solutions, Inc., a global leader in produce freshness solutions, today announced the launch of plant-based, edible coatings for produce freshness under the VitaFresh™ Botanicals brand. This launch represents another step forward in AgroFresh’s decades-long commitment to providing the most innovative solutions to extend produce shelf life, reduce food loss/food waste and deliver superior eating experiences to consumers.

VitaFresh Botanicals is a proprietary, plant-based portfolio of solutions for a wide variety of crops from citrus to avocados to mangos. For coatings, the products utilize “anti-thirst” technology to boost the skin’s natural protection, creating a “double skin” membrane that reduces dehydration, maintains weight and locks in produce freshness throughout the supply chain. The solutions are completely turnkey and easy-to-apply as part of regular packinghouse operations. AgroFresh provides customers with all the necessary application equipment and expertise.

VitaFresh Botanicals coatings are sustainable and created using certified ISO 14001 “environmental management system” standards. Many products are packaged in reusable containers. Excellent crop coverage at low application rates offers better cost efficiencies to operators, and gives retailers a much stronger opportunity to market the best quality produce using consumer-friendly claims, while reducing food waste, increasing profit potential and adding the capability to reduce the amount of plastic packaging needed for the produce.

“AgroFresh has a long history of innovation and a well-earned reputation as a trusted leader in all science and application aspects of produce freshness. VitaFresh Botanicals is an important next step for our customers, providing true edible coatings and technical performance adapted to each crop’s unique physiology, in a flexible and operator-friendly format,” said AgroFresh CEO Jordi Ferre. “We’re proud to provide innovative and effective AgTech solutions to the industry, and are excited to bring this powerful new brand to market.”

“Unlike coatings that require higher drying temperatures with 40% more energy usage, VitaFresh Botanicals products offer enhanced drying at lower temperatures,” said Ann Beaulieu, VP Research and Development & Regulatory at AgroFresh. “Our formulation stabilization process helps operators preserve produce, maintain freshness throughout the supply chain, and ship longer distances, generating cost-efficiencies and helping growers and packers sell more produce worldwide. Further, because VitaFresh Botanicals are edible coatings, they can be used on crops where the skin is eaten, including in the European Union.”

The AgroFresh organization has 40 years of fruit protection experience across numerous crops, powered by a deep post-harvest portfolio. VitaFresh Botanicals products have exceptional quality, thanks in part to the company’s ISO 9001 “quality management system” certification. AgroFresh adds differentiating value by offering a comprehensive coatings portfolio, one-to-one problem-solving guidance and diagnostics, a high-touch service model and a complete range of packinghouse equipment, all aimed at delivering the highest level of client confidence and trust in the industry.

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AgroFresh’s vision is to be the guardian of the world’s fresh produce and the company is proud to be a member of GLOBALG.A.P., an organization that promotes safe, responsible, and transparent farming for a sustainable future. With VitaFresh Botanicals, AgroFresh offers “Natural-Powered Life Extension for Fruit,” creating new opportunities for retailers and helping to influence consumers’ enjoyment of fresh, tasty produce.

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