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Guang Defu Attends Plenary Meeting of G77 + China (Rome Chapter)

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14 October 2021, China: The G77 + China (Rome Chapter) convened a plenary meeting online on Oct. 8, 2021. Chairman of the G77 + China, Argentine Representative to the UN Food and Agricultural Organizations Ambassador Cherniak, presided over the meeting. China’s Permanent Representative to the UN  Agencies for Food and Agriculture, Ambassador Guang Defu, attended the meeting and spoke about relevant agenda items.    

The main items on the agenda for this meeting were discussing the election of the chairman for the 49th session of the UN Committee on World Food Security (CFS) and following-up activities of the summit meeting of the UN’s three food and agricultural organizations.  

Guang Defu stated this year marks the 50th anniversary of China recovering its rightful seat at the UN. Over the past 50 years, China has all along stood together with developing countries. During the 77th UN General Assembly, President Xi Jinping solemnly set forth a “global development initiative,” expressing the hope that in the days to come, the G77 + China, along with the large number of developing countries, would join together in good faith to achieve mutual success in order to make an even greater contribution to world food security, global development and human progress. 

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Guang Defu noted that the 49th session of the CFS would be held the next week and a new chairman would be elected during the meeting. The long-term goal of CFS is to ensure that all people enjoy food security and good nutrition. The large number of developing countries are most deeply affected by these issues and have the greatest experience in this area and the greatest say in these issues. He expressed the hope that the next chairman of the CFS would come from the ranks of the developing countries. China is the largest developing country. China always stands with developing countries and with the G77. It is steadfast in supporting a candidate from among the developing countries. Chinese people often say that “unity is strength.” He said that developing countries must unite in good faith, strengthen communication and coordination, and support each other.  

Guang Defu made three proposals regarding activities to be taken for post summit meeting: 1) The following-up activities should be pragmatic and more maneuverable; 2) UN’s agencies for food and agriculture  should play significant role in the implementation of the outcomes of summit meeting; and 3) National conditions of each country should be respected and taken into consideration in the transformation of agricultural and food systems. 

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