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Five minutes with Cherylynn Dreckow

16 October 2023, AU: Cherylynn is a born and bred Eyre Peninsula local, having grown up at Cleve and working as a broadacre agronomist in the local Elders branch.

With 25 years’ experience in the industry, and now 15 years with Elders, Cherylynn has seen a huge amount change during her time in the sector.

“I was the only female agronomist in Cleve, and possibly on the Peninsula, when I first got started,” Cherylynn said.

“I had a few older clients who were a little bit hesitant at the start, but they soon came around. It’s great to see that the number of female agronomists in the industry has grown since then and are well accepted amongst their peers and clients.

“The growth in our team has been great, even just over the last two years. It’s a diverse mix so everyone brings different experience, perspectives and ideas, there is always someone around to bounce ideas off.”

Cherylynn also reminisced on how far some other things have come, having seen many agricultural innovations progress.

“I have seen some massive changes in both technology and agronomy throughout my career,” she said.

“In machinery, things have moved big time. The evolution of machinery in cropping has improved out of sight, and that is leading to better outcomes across the board.

“On the chemistry side of things, it is really exciting, we are able to rotate newer herbicides to combat resistance as well as gaining improved weed control. In recent years, growers have also had the option to grow genetically modified canola in our state so that provides us with another tool in the combat against weeds.”

Cherylynn has also been pleased to see an increased uptake of ag tech. She explained that she uses Agworld every day, a program designed to create efficiencies by mapping out a property, allowing growers and advisors to scout, store data and even create recommendations, all in one central place.

One way that Cherylynn can now showcase this kind of technology to clients is through the new Elders trial site, based at Lock, which was sown in May. The site has a strong focus on emerging ag tech, with a weather station, and plans to bring in drones and other imaging technology to provide additional insights. Trials are currently underway to investigate medic and tare control in herbicide tolerant lentils, pre and post emergent ryegrass control measures in wheat, controlling herbicide tolerant canola within the rotation, and will also consider Nitrogen and trace element strategies.

“It’s great to have something run by Elders, locally based, that we can take our growers to and showcase our work,” Cherylynn said.

Something which hasn’t changed for Cherylynn in her 25 year career is her love for her clients and finding the right solution.

“The best part of the job is working with my clients, building relationships and coming up with a solution, working together to reach that common goal,” she said.

“Developing a relationship into a successful outcome, that’s what really fulfills me.”

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