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China: The “Vegetable Basket” and “Fruit Plate” are filled with the flavor of the New Year

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30 January 2024, China: On January 27, the warm winter sun was shining brightly, and Shohengcheng, a new international food industry city in Central China, located in Xiaonan District, Xiaogan City, Hubei Province, was crowded and lively. There is an endless stream of vehicles transporting vegetables and fruits, merchants are busy negotiating, loading and unloading, and citizens shopping for New Year’s goods are tasting and buying at various display stalls.

The 140 booths on site include fruits, vegetables, meats, snacks, dried fruits, New Year customs and other booths, including more than 400 kinds of agricultural and sideline products, and all kinds of New Year goods are available for one-stop shopping. “The watermelons sold over there are very sweet, you can try it!” Aunt Ding from Chengxi Community in Xiaonan District not only purchased fresh beef and mutton, fruits and other annual supplies by herself, but also took the initiative to become a salesperson. “In the past, cherries My children buy these imported fruits, and we old people are a bit reluctant to part with them. Today I saw that the cherries here are not only fresh, but also affordable, so I also bought a box, 3 pounds only costs 88 yuan.”

“The Spring Festival is approaching, and imported fruits such as cherries, kiwis, and avocados are hot-sellers.” Song Huiyong, who rented six stalls in Shouheng City to run a fruit wholesale business, introduced to reporters while sorting out the high-quality fruits on the stalls. , “More than 30 tons of cherries just arrived this morning. We opened the cabinet at noon and they can be sold out on the same day.” Song Huiyong said that fresh fruit arrives every day. In addition to supplying buyers, they also pack the whole box of fruit into small boxes, which is convenient for citizens to buy in bulk. “Buying a box is also a wholesale price.”

In addition to high-quality fruits, the production and sales of vegetables that are essential for the table are also booming.

“Here, help me!” At the stall in the vegetable trading area, Chen Yikun, who has been engaged in vegetable wholesale for more than 20 years, greeted the staff to carry the foam boxes containing vegetables from the truck to the shuttle bus. Carts of lettuce, lentils, Chinese cabbage and other vegetables are ready for shipment to secondary agricultural product wholesale markets and large supermarkets in central China.

“We have cooperative planting bases in Yunnan and other places, and cold storages in various places also have sufficient stocks of goods. This year, the supply of the ‘Four King Kong’ leaf vegetables such as lettuce, romaine lettuce, yellow cabbage, and Shanghai greens is sufficient, and the price fluctuations will not be too big. .” Chen Yikun told reporters, “12 trucks of vegetables arrive every day, 70 tons of vegetables are shipped, and sales are about 500,000 yuan. We procure directly from the base, making small profits but quick turnover.”

Not only the leafy vegetables that are popular among citizens, but also vegetables such as peas, leeks, and peppers at the stall next door are also fully stocked. “In order to ensure supply during the Spring Festival, we are adjusting goods across the country and bringing up inventory. The current storage capacity is enough for 15 days of sales, and will be replenished in time.” said Hu Guiyuan, the person in charge of Tianyuan Premium Vegetables.

The relevant person in charge of Xiaonan District of Xiaogan City said that with the extensive transportation network and the circulation model that connects production and supply and integrates production and marketing, Xiaogan Shouheng City has become an important people’s livelihood and supply base in central China, meeting the needs of 600 million people. Bags”, “vegetable baskets” and “fruit plates” are needed.

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