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Portrait series: Faces of Organic Cotton

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21 November 2022, India: Eleven people give an insight into their joys, their worries and their personal values in the environment of organic cotton production. The series “Faces of Organic Cotton” shows a new portrait every week until mid-December. It was created as part of FiBL Switzerland’s SysCom (Farming Systems Comparison in the Tropics) programme.

The “Faces of Organic Cotton” series was born out of FiBL researcher Eva Goldmann’s desire to make the people more visible, whose lives are closely linked to organic cotton and the SysCom-Project. The result is eleven portraits in which people provide a very personal insight into their everyday lives. The different life worlds are connected in the topic of organic cotton and the SysCom project.

SysCom is a program implemented by FiBL, where long-term trials are conducted in three different countries in the tropics: Kenya, Bolivia and India. The aim is to assess and to compare the effects of conventional and organic farming. The SysCom team works closely with local farmers and local partner organisations. Together, they run on-farm experiments, organise farmer groups, workshops and field trips.

The portrait series “Faces of Organic Cotton” was produced during a stay of scientists from FiBL Switzerland to SysCom India. During their visit to the project area in October 2021, the FiBL scientists were impressed by the conviction people have about organic agriculture and how it is an integral part of their lives, surely more than just a way of farming. The great work and support to farmers that the local partners bioRe Association and Remei India Ltd are doing, going way beyond the cotton field, surely contributes to this. The general benefits of all registered organic farmers with Remei India Ltd are a purchase guarantee, a premium price and regular training in organic farming.

The SysCom programme is funded by Biovision, the Lichtenstein Development Service LED, the Coop Sustainability Fund and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). SysCom India’s partner organisations are the bioRe India Association, the BioRe Foundation and Remei India Ltd.

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