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Community Builder of the Month: Brodie Bridgman

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14 January 2022, San Carlos, CA: Brodie Bridgman has been working with local farmers for most of his life. He grew up on a farm and is now managing one. 

He partnered with FBN™ as a Community Builder in October 2021. The main reason he decided to team up with FBN was to assist his local area with crop protection to provide access to transparent pricing and free direct-to-farm deliveries. 

By doing so, he was providing more competition to growers in his area to source from an alternative provider rather than the existing large corporations.  

He became a Community Builder because he saw it as a way to benefit his business over time as another revenue stream. He says that getting started was fairly straightforward because he already had a strong knowledge of many of FBN’s products. 

Luckily, when he required assistance with IT Applications and onboarding, he was able to turn to the experts at FBN and ask a lot of questions. “You can never ask too many questions,” said Brodie. 

Brodie was excited to partner with FBN and become a Community Builder and told us his own values aligned with FBN’s mission.

“Yes, for sure. Price transparency is important as well as competition for the existing big corporations, and most importantly putting farmers first and farmer to farmer ethos.”

He hopes to teach his growers more about FBN and the tools it offers. The efficiencies available on data analytics is huge according to Brodie.

FBN has more to offer growers than products. The data analytics tool can make such a huge difference to all Australian farmers. FBNs impact is still in it’s early days in Australia, but over the next 3 years it will make huge inroads with its data analytics and additional products/services it will introduce to Australia.

Brodie sees a number of benefits of purchasing from FBN and hopes his growers see the benefits as well. “With FBN Direct® you can purchase products anywhere as it is online either via the laptop, iPad or mobile. You can be in a tractor or if you are lucky enough be on the beach for that matter. If you have questions people are always available over the phone to assist. Another important piece is free direct-to-farm delivery.”

As he looks to what lies ahead in 2022, he can’t wait to hold a Post-Harvest Beer and Barbecue for his local community. Having that connection with his local growers and community is invaluable and just one of the reasons he’s proud to be a Community Builder. 

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