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Community Builders Grow FBN®’s Presence in Australia

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28 August 2021, Australia: When FBN® launched into the Australian market, we wanted to continue building our network of farmers and create a platform that would transform the way farmers purchase inputs. 

One of the ways we’ve been able to help farmers is through FBN’s Community Builder program. 

In the past six months, we’ve seen tremendous growth with independent representatives located across the majority of broadacre farming regions around Australia.

How do Community Builders help farmers? 

Community Builders provide a  local presence in farming communities across Australia to help farmers better understand the value FBN can deliver for their operation.

Community Builders show farmers how becoming an FBN member can reduce their input costs with competitively priced crop protection products, digital agronomic tools and farmer-driven data sharing intelligence to boost their operations. 

According to Tristan Jones, FBN Australia’s head of sales, the aim is to ensure FBN is engaging as best as possible with regional areas and empowering local communities. 

If you’re a farmer or someone who already operates a business that services the ag industry, the Community Builder program is a great way to bring value and convenience to your customers  as well as generating a new revenue stream.

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We’ve seen a diverse group of people from growers and their mates to independent rural businesses based in local towns join the Community Builder Program.

Having a local presence means farmers can now get information or purchase locally and still reap the benefits of being an FBN member.

Who are Community Builders?

In January, fifth-generation wheat grower Durwin Melbin decided to take on a role as a Community Builder.

FBN Australia’s head of sales Tristan Jones and Community Builder Durwin Melbin at the recent Mingenew Midwest agricultural expo in WA.

Based in West Australia’s North Midlands region, Melbin has owned and operated a hardware and rural supplies business called Main Street Hardware in the town of Coorow since 2015. 

He partnered with FBN to become a Community Builder after learning more about the e-commerce platform and pricing structure, and says the role sits easily alongside his existing business.

“I could see what FBN has been able to achieve in just a short time in the U.S. for its members and what an opportunity it is for Australian farmers,” said Melbin. 

He has been most impressed by the transparent pricing structure of the FBN marketplace that harnesses the group-buying clout of its membership to deliver lower costs on chemical and seed inputs.

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