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FBN Adds Price-competitive, Generic Herbicide Pronamide to FBN Direct

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20 August 2022, US: FBN® now offers generic herbicide Willowood Pronamide 3.3SC through FBN Direct especially for growers with operations in Arizona and California.* With the new addition of Willowood Pronamide to its robust herbicide selection, FBN gives growers even more options for protecting their crops and optimizing their return on investment while keeping cost management top of mind.

“FBN offers western growers a convenient online shopping experience with upfront competitive prices on top crop protection products like Pronamide, plus direct to farm delivery. Our Willowood brand of products started in the West and our mission remains to bring growers quality, well-priced crop protection to support their bottom line,” said Nicholas Seibert, U.S. Crop Protection Line Product Manager at FBN.

Crop Protection for Leafy Greens

A generic alternative to branded herbicide Kerb® SC from Corteva, Pronamide is predominantly used to protect leafy greens, specifically romaine and iceberg lettuces.

Effective at controlling a broad spectrum of grasses and broadleaf weeds, Pronamide can be used at both the preemergence and post emergence stages of growth. The group three, soil active herbicide is absorbed through the roots of sensitive weeds to address pressures including annual bluegrass and preemergence control of lambsquarters, purslane, shepherd’s purse and nightshades.

Competitive Pricing, Substantial Savings from FBN

Pronamide pricing on FBN is competitive without rebates required to get there. Plus, new customers can enjoy discounts on their first purchase with FBN Direct. Farmers can view transparent list prices at any time on FBN Direct.

Made with high-quality active ingredients comparable to the branded alternatives, generic Willowood Pronamide empowers farmers to save money on chemical purchases and redirect those savings toward other expenses. Especially in today’s shifting economic climate, these savings are more important than ever before.

Through the convenience of FBN’s online store, farmers can search for and purchase key chemicals like Willowood Pronamide anytime, anywhere, with clear pricing, flexible payment options and direct to farm delivery. To see current Willowood Pronamide pricing and inventory availability on FBN Direct, click here.

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