Crop Protection

VEXIN (Technical: Tebuconazole 10% + Sulphur 65% WG)

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20 March 2024, New Delhi: Vexin is a protective and curative fungicide with eradicative action against diseases like powdery mildew, rots and blights.

Mode of Action:

Vexin works as steriod demethylation (ergosterol biosynthesis) inhibitor.

CropsTarget Pest/Disease Dose per Acre (gm/ml)
ChilliPowdery Mildew and fruit rot 500gm
SoyabeanLeaf spot and pod blight500gm


1.    It has preventive and curative action.

2.    It is effective against Powdery mildew, leaf spot and blight.

3.    It has protective action.

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