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The ADAMA Center at Tel Aviv University Host the Annual “Chemistry of Formulation” Conference

Bringing together industry and academia to talk about the exciting world of formulation science

20 September 2023, Israel: The ADAMA Center for Novel Delivery Systems in Crop Protection in Tel Aviv University (The ADAMA Center) hosted the annual “Chemistry of Formulation” conference at The Peres Center for Peace and Innovation in Tel Aviv, Israel. The objective of this conference was to introduce the next generation of scientists to the dynamic field of formulation science and to showcase the existing career opportunities across various fields. 

Over 150 students studying for advanced degrees from leading academic institutes in Israel, together with professionals from various companies involved in formulation science, attended this one-day event to hear insights and innovative ideas from formulation experts in leading companies. 

During the conference, leaders in the field from ADAMA, Gauzy, Twine Solutions, StoreDot, Nuversys, and Bio-fence, as well as experts from Tel Aviv University, shared ideas and research regarding formulation in industries that ranged from crop protection to food and health, to materials science. 

“This year’s conference underscores ADAMA’s commitment to academic research and the strength of our ties with chemists in every sphere,” said Yoav Avidor, VP Innovation, Development, Research & Registration at ADAMA. “Innovation is the lifeblood of the crop protection and many other industries, and with the slowdown in creation of new active ingredients, the most innovative crop protection solutions are coming from new formulations. It is only through cooperation between industry and academia that these types of breakthroughs can occur.”

“Formulation is fundamental for driving innovation in every applied science field, from nano particles that enable new materials to groundbreaking new vaccines and cures,” said Prof. Roey Amir, Head of the ADAMA Center at Tel Aviv University. “We’re delighted to bring more awareness to the vital role of formulation science and inspire more students with the potential that it holds. The Chemistry of Formulation conference educates advanced students about the theoretical and practical processes involved, so they’ll become tomorrow’s formulation experts.”

“At ADAMA, we see the impact of innovation every day, driving the industry forward. Our farmers are growing healthier crops thanks to innovative new formulation technologies,” said Sugata Roy, Global Head of Formulations and Delivery Technologies at ADAMA. “For example, our SESGAMA® High Load formulation technology is the basis for products that pack a higher amount of active ingredient into a smaller volume, thus reducing the amount of product that needs to be produced, packaged, shipped, stored and disposed, which lowers its carbon footprint and environmental impact. In addition, our Asorbital® Formulation Technology platform improves the leaf penetration and systemic movement of the Active Ingredient in the plant, thus enabling superior product performance. These successes encourage us to keep working on formulation innovation so we can meet farmers’ needs for sustainable and effective crop protection.”

About The ADAMA Center for Novel Delivery Systems in Crop Protection

The ADAMA Center was established in Tel Aviv University in 2020 with the support of ADAMA. The center originated from the understanding that current industrial technological applications require deep understanding in the field of formulation. Experts in ADAMA and Tel Aviv University collaborate to establish a curriculum that includes theoretical courses and practical lab courses focused on hands-on preparation and characterization of chemical formulations. The center trains MSc and PhD students in theory and practice of formulation and relevant academic fields, and its courses are open to graduate students from all academic institutes in Israel.

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