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Management of Stem Borer in Sorghum

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06 January 2023, New Delhi: It attacks the crop from 2nd week after germination until crop maturity. Irregular-shaped holes on the leaves are caused by the early instar larvae feeding in the whorl. Drying of the central shoot giving “dead-heart” is observed and extensive stem tunneling is also found. Peduncle tunneling leads to the breaking of the peduncle, which results in complete or partial chaffy panicles.

Control measures of Stem Borer in sorghum

Uproot and burn stubbles and chop off stems of the previous crop to prevent its carryover. Need-based whorl application of Carbofuran 3G @ 8-12 kg/ha inside the leaf-whorls of infested plants at 20 and 35 days after emergence reduce damage. Inter-cropping of sorghum with cowpea is also advised.

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