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Major diseases in Sorghum

06 January 2023, New Delhi: The two major diseases of sorghum are grain mold and downy mildew.

  1. Grain mold in Sorghum

Grains show symptoms of fungal infection and develop fungal blooms of various colors (black, white, or pink) depending on infecting fungus. The infected grains are light-weight, soft, powdery, low in nutritional quality, poor in germination, and low in market acceptability for human consumption.

Control measures for Grain mold in Sorghum

Use of mold tolerant varieties and harvesting of the crop at physiological maturity followed by drying of the grain. Spray of Propiconazole @ 0.2% starting from flowering and another spray after 10 days is recommended.

  1. Downy mildew in Sorghum

The most conspicuous symptom is the appearance of vivid green and white stripes on the leaves and white patches of oospores on the lower surface of infected leaves. Systemically infected plants become chlorotic and such plants usually fail to throw panicles. Even if panicles are exerted, they are small and have little or no seed set.

Control measures for Downy mildew in Sorghum

Deep summer plowing before planting to reduce soil-borne oospores is much helpful. Seed dressing with Metalaxyl or Ridomil 25 WP@ 1g a.i./kg followed by foliar spray with Ridomyl-MZ @ 3g/L water is recommended.

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