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Management of Shoot fly in Sorghum

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06 January 2023, New Delhi: It is a major pest of sorghum and infestation occurs during the seedling stage for up to one month. Maggots cut the growing point and feed on the decaying tissues. The infestation results in withering and drying of the central leaf, giving a typical “dead-heart” symptom.

Control measures of Shoot Fly in Sorghum

It can be managed by early sowing within 7 to 10 days before the onset of monsoon and using a high seed rate @ 10 to 12 kg/ha in case of delayed sowing. Intercropping of sorghum + red gram in a 2:1 ratio should be followed. Seed treatment with Imidacloprid 70 WS @ 5ml/ kg or Thiamethoxam 70 WS @ 3 g/kg of seed may also be used. Soil application of Carbofuran 3G granules@ 20kg/ha in furrows at the time of sowing or spraying should be done at the seedlings stage.

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