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Albaugh Introduces Clomate™ 3ME Herbicide to U.S. Crop Protection Market

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09 November 2023, California: Albaugh is pleased to announce that the company has received registration from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for Clomate 3ME herbicide (EPA Reg. No. 45002-60).

Clomate 3ME contains the active ingredient clomazone, well-known for its excellent weed control in rice, tobacco, soybeans, and cucurbit crops. Preemergence applications of Clomate 3ME control annual grass and broadleaf weeds, including panicum, crabgrass, barnyardgrass, and broadleaf signalgrass in rice, plus lambsquarters, foxtails, and common ragweed in soybeans and tobacco. The microencapsulated formulation provides excellent handling and storage characteristics while minimizing the effects of off-target movement and volatility.

“Clomazone has been the foundation preemergence herbicide in both conventional and herbicide-tolerant rice programs for many years,” said Andy Bogue, Albaugh U.S. Sales Director – Crop Protection. “Clomate 3ME will give Mid-South rice growers a new clomazone alternative with the microencapsulated formulation and outstanding weed control that they know and trust, with application flexibility, up to the five-leaf stage.”

Clomate 3ME will be available through authorized Albaugh distributors for the 2024 growing season. Clomate 3ME is not registered for sale or use in California.

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