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Australia: Improved weed control with new drill-seeded rice herbicide

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01 October 2021, Australia: A new herbicide for drill-seeded rice is providing the ideal option for Barnyard grass control from the vital three leaf stage of the rice crop.

Corteva Agriscience researcher, Greg Wells, said  provided excellent options on key weeds in rice, and fitted wellAgixa® Rinskor® active herbicide into current programs.

“Agixa, from Corteva Agriscience, is a combination of the new Rinskor active ingredient and cyhalofop, which was previously sold as Barnstorm,” he said.

“The combination of the two actives gives strong and broad control of the key weeds in drill-seeded rice where growers are taking water on and off the field.

He said this process of aerobic conditions can lead to Barnyard grass becoming an early competitor to young rice.

“Agixa herbicide is a very strong treatment for Barnyard grass control and other grass weeds and so is very, very useful for drill-seeded rice growers.”

“It has broad activity on key weeds in rice and they include Barnyard Grass, silvertop grass and many broadleaf weeds.”

Greg Wells (far right) inspecting trials of Agixa herbicide with staff from Corteva Agriscience last season.

Mr Wells said Agixa is applied from the three-leaf rice stage onwards and it is safe to all the varieties tested.

“Agixa is most successfully used in sequence after the three-way foundation (Paraquat, Clomazone & Pendimethalin) that’s commonly used in drill seeded rice in Australia.”

“If that’s used post-flush, pre-emergence, then it sets the rice up nicely for a following application of Agixa and that gives total weed control and maximises yield potential for rice growers in Australia.”

The new herbicide was available commercially for the first time last season and the excellent results achieved back up the five years of trialling through previous seasons.

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Agixa can be used in drill sown, delayed permanent water rice and aerial seeded rice.

Corteva Agriscience Riverina / Murray Territory Sales Manager, Connie Mort, said the first year’s results had been excellent and highlighted the performance of Agixa’s ability to control dense populations of weeds.

She said the herbicide fitted well in sequence with the foundation treatment.

“It is really important that Agixa is used that way to get the best job you can.  Agixa is an excellent post emergence product that can be used to clean-up those weeds that have come through the pre-emergence foundation treatment.”

Excellent grass weed control from Agixa herbicide (left) compared to untreated (right).

Ms Mort said the Australian rice industry has such a high standing in the world and is known for really good quality rice and water use efficiency.

“A product that can be included in the herbicide program, which is significant for both yield and for quality, is really exciting .

Agixa can be used in an effective and efficient way and it is also a very safe product for the environment and the rice.

“At the end of the day, you want the best yield and quality from your crops and we think by including Agixa in those programs that’s going to be one step to getting there.”

Trials last season considered tank mix partners with Agixa for physical compatibility and to enhance weed control.

A revised Agixa label will reflect the results of the trials and also include new weeds, common in rice growing regions of northern Australia and the Northern Rivers of NSW.

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