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Insecticides India (IIL) Launches Herbicide OXIM for Onion Crop

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01 October 2021, New Delhi: In line with the needs of farmers preparing for sowing and transplanting of onion in the upcoming season, leading agrochemical company Insecticides (India) Limited today launched OXIM.

Herbicide OXIM 

OXIM (Technical name: Quizalofop Ethyl 4% + Oxyfluorfen 6% EC) herbicide is a post emergence herbicide for control of narrow and broad leaf weeds in the onion crop. Oxim is most effective when used 15-20 days after sowing or transplanting the onion crop or 2-3 leaf stage of the weeds. it is very helpful for the areas where the onions are sown directly as manual weeding is very difficult and expensive.

“India is one of the largest producers of onion and about 70 percent of it grows in the rabi season. Weeds is one of the factor that increase input cost by necessitating deployment of manual labour and may cause yield loss. Weeds are also an alternate host to pests in the field that makes weed management essential to improve crop yield and ensure steady flow of onions to the market.

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The new herbicide OXIM is focused for the Onion farmers so that farmers get a better control of both narrow leaf and broad leaf weeds together. Oxim will help the onion farmers of Maharashtra, Karnataka, MP, Gujrat, Bihar and Rajasthan.” says Rajesh Aggarwal, Managing Director, Insecticides (India) Ltd.

The launch of Oxim comes after the launch of another herbicide Hachiman launched in July this year, another product under IIL’s popular “Tractor Brand”.

“Oxim will have a good avenue in Maharashtra, MP and Gujarat in the western zone in the coming Rabi season. We look forward to a good response from the market for this product as we have received for Hachiman.,” says Mr. P. C. Pabbi, Sr. Vice President, Insecticides (India).

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