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What is Polysulphate?

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29 December 2023, UK: Polysulphate® is a multi-nutrient, natural fertilizer mined exclusively by ICL in the UK. It provides four plant nutrients – sulfur, potassium, magnesium, and calcium that contribute to optimum plant performance. Standard Polysulphate is ideal for direct application in the fields. It is also excellent as a raw material for NPKS production. Using Polysulphate in granulated PK and NPK fertilizer production incorporates additional sulfur, magnesium, and calcium into the product.

Standard Polysulphate provides added value by replacing any fertilizer filler with valuable plant nutrients. Incorporating Polysulphate as a raw material in fertilizers better meets the needs of crops while perfectly matching soil types and climatic conditions. Standard Polysulphate is a natural product licensed for use in organic farming systems, with a particularly low carbon footprint. The entire Standard Polysulphate production process, including mining, processing, and packaging, produces just 0.034 kg of CO2 equivalent per kilogram of product. This exceptionally low carbon footprint is considerably lower than similar products, highlighting Standard Polysulphate’s credentials as an excellent eco-friendly choice for growers.

What is Poly-S?

Poly-S is a coating based on Sulphur that reacts to micro-organisms in soil and water.

It dramatically reduces the amount of inefficient nitrogen that escapes into the atmosphere and maximizes the use efficiency of nutrients thus saving on input costs. The Sulphur coating component adds nutrient value to encourage greater crop yield and quality. It has consistent longevity across multiple temperatures.

Benefits of Polysulphate
  • Low Chloride, ideal for chloride-sensitive crops. 
  • Neutral pH 
  • Very Low Salinity index 
  • Completely natural with a low carbon footprint 
  • Deliver superior yield, improved quality, &increased profitability 
  • Polysulphate standard grade is OMRI listed for organic use 
  • All-natural raw material 
  • Provides magnesium boost for plants and soil 
  • Ideal complement to any NPK fertilizer application 
  • Exceptionally low carbon-footprint fertilizer (0.034 kg of CO2 equivalent per kg of product)
What is the Dose of Polysulphate?

100 Kg/ Acre for Crops like Tomatoes, Chili, Capsicum, Sugarcane, Banana, Pomegranate, Grapes, Potato, Paddy Soybean, Gram Cotton and Groundnut (50Kg to 75Kg).

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