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What are the main fertilizers of nitrogen and what is the amount of nitrogen in them ?

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29 November 2021, New Delhi: The following are the major nitrogen fertilizers. The nitrogen present in each fertilizer is given in brackets: Urea (46%), Calcium Cyanamide (21%), Calcium Ammonium Nitrate (25% and 26%), Ammonia Sulfate Nitrate (26%), Ammonia Nitrate (33–34%) , Ammonia Sulfate (20%), Ammonia Chloride (24-26%), Calcium Nitrate (15.5%), Sodium Nitrate (16%), Ammonia Solution (20-25%), Ammonia Anhydrase (82%) and Ammonia Phosphate ( 20% Nitrogen + 20% P2O5), Potassium Nitrate (13% Nitrogen and 44% Potassium), Urea Sulfur (30 to 40% Nitrogen and 6 to 11% Sulfur), Di Ammonium Phosphate (18% Nitrogen and 46% P2O5) .

What is the difference between farmer manure and urea, when both of them contain nitrogen element?

Half amount of nitrogen present in farm manure is in ammonia and half quantity is in nitrate form whereas in urea, nitrogen converts to ammonium and then to nitrate. The reaction of manure inside the soil is neutral, where as urea initially becomes alkaline and later becomes acidic. Apart from nitrogen, farm manure also contains 9.1 percent calcium. Nitrogen in urea is 46 percent while in farm manure, it is up to 25 – 26 percent.

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