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What are the symptoms of Chlorine deficiency and excess in plants

20 July 2023, New Delhi: Plants absorb various nutrients to grow. Any imbalance in nutrients may affect the final produce. Hence, a thorough examination of the growing plant can help in identifying particular nutrient stress. Typical signs may show up if a plant is deficient in a specific nutrient. A nutritional deficiency does not immediately result in symptoms. Instead, the regular plant processes are disturbed, leading to an overabundance of some intermediate organic molecules and a deficiency in others. This results in abnormalities that are later recognized as symptoms. 

Symptoms of Chlorine deficiency and excess in plants


Younger leaves will be chlorotic and plants will easily wilt. For wheat, diseases will infest the plant when Cl is deficient.


Premature yellowing of the lower leaves with burning of the leaf margins and tips. Leaf abscission will occur, and plants will easily wilt.

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