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Certis biologicals launches convergence™ biofungicide, a powerful crop protection solution for corn, soybeans and peanuts

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New Convergence™ biofungicide merges impressive disease control and plant health benefits into one convenient, bio-based solution for row crop farmers.

11 January 2024, Columbia: Certis Biologicals has one compelling question for row crop farmers in 2024: Why settle for just one advantage when you can experience them all? In the realm of science and technology, convergence signifies the seamless integration of technologies into a unified system. Certis Biologicals’ new Convergence™ biofungicide embodies this idea, offering row crop farmers a harmonious blend of superior disease control and plant health in one convenient and cost-effective solution.

This reliable biofungicide provides farmers with an EPA-approved, powerful and convenient biological tool to protect and fortify crops. Convergence protects against soilborne fungal and bacterial diseases caused by Pythium, Rhizoctonia, Fusarium and Phytophthora. It also provides an additional mode of action against tough-to-control foliar diseases, including tar spot, rusts and leaf spots.

Formulated for row crops with Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain D747, Convergence uses naturally occurring, carefully selected microorganisms to create a living shield, safeguarding against diseases and preserving the delicate balance of soil and plant health, all while improving the farmer’s bottom line.

“The flexibility and power of Convergence sets it apart from existing products on the market. It can be applied whenever is most convenient for a farmer’s next planned trip across the field,” explains Eric Luce, Global Portfolio Manager of Row Crops with Certis Biologicals. “Farmers can use Convergence to effectively manage resistance, control disease and improve plant health without making an extra pass.”

This solution does not impact beneficial insects, fostering long-term biodiversity and sustainability, equipping farmers with a tool to manage resistance on their terms. Convergence can be seamlessly incorporated into existing conventional programs through in-furrow or foliar applications. It has no special storage requirements and can be tank-mixed with nearly any synthetic application.

Convergence has been tested on fields throughout the Midwest and continues to demonstrate efficacy and good return on investment for corn and soybean farmers.

“In field trials, Convergence has shown it can help increase corn yields compared to zinc starter fertilizer alone,” says Shaun Berry, Vice President of Research and Development with Certis Biologicals. “When applied in-furrow, Convergence has shown the ability to help increase yields in soybeans compared to no treatment.”

With Convergence, Certis Biologicals is delivering on its mission to provide farmers with innovative biological solutions that harness the power of nature in convenient and affordable ways.

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