FMC launches biofungicide ENTAZIA in India

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31 August 2023, Mumbai: FMC India announced the launch of its latest product ENTAZIATM, a biofungicide crop protection product formulated with Bacillus subtilis. It will provide farmers with a powerful and sustainable tool to protect their crops from fungi while maintaining environmental integrity.

FMC launches biofungicide ENTAZIATM in India

ENTAZIATM leverages the natural capabilities of Bacillus subtilis to control bacterial leaf blight,one of the most serious diseases of rice.By activating the crop’s defense system against plant pathogens, ENTAZIATM acts to prevent and control bacterial leaf blight, while staying harmless to natural predators and parasites.

The biological product promotes natural pest defense by utilizing the naturally occurring Bacillus subtilis to establish a robust line of defense against bacterial leaf blight. By fostering a healthy plant microbiome, it bolsters plants’ resilience to stress factors and contributes to overall growth and vigor. ENTAZIATM biofungicide can be applied in an integrated pest management program with FMC’s biostimulants and synthetic fungicides for additional plant benefits.

“FMC takes pride in delivering a crop protection solution that embodies our dedication to sustainable agriculture. ENTAZIATM biofungicide exemplifies our resolve to provide farmers with tools that not only ensure their productivity but also contribute to a greener, more balanced agricultural ecosystem,” said Ravi Annavarapu, FMC India President.

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