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Exemption Will Make Drone Application More Efficient

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27 March 2024, Ohio: Ag drone outfit Hylio of Houston, Tex., has received an unprecedented “all clear” from the FAA: an exemption allowing the company’s application drones to be “swarmed” or flown in concert with up to three drones controlled by a single operator, as well as allowing spray missions to be flown after sundown. That’s according to a recent story by Matt Grassi at

Regulations set forth under the FAA’s Part 107 certification limit operations to one pilot-in-charge per drone (plus a visual observer) and only flying between sunup and sundown, writes Grassi. By swarming three of Hylio’s AG-230 spray drones a skilled operator may now be able to cover 150 acres per hour, which Hylio CEO Arthur Erickson says is comparable to a large pull-behind sprayer in some cases. 

 “It’s unlocking the ability for these drones to actually go toe to toe with traditional large equipment, which is what we’ve been waiting for in this industry,” he adds.  “You also need to educate yourself on best practices for applying by drone, because what you want to do is make sure you don’t have someone who’s going out there with the drones and cutting corners,” he cautions.

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