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Acadian Plant Health becomes approved under the new European Union Product Regulation

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25 August 2022, Nova Scotia: Acadian Plant Health™ (APH) announced their official status as one of the first biostimulant companies to earn registration under the European Union’s new Fertilizing Product Regulation as part of the EU Green Deal.

APH is an industry-leading innovator of sustainable crop care solutions, through its development of biostimulant formulations, and its certification in the European Union represents the changing face of agriculture– while also demonstrating the performance and sustainability of APH’s biostimulants, their ability to deliver on evolving agricultural demands, and the potential for APH’s biostimulants to revolutionize agricultural practices across Europe and around the world.

The new Green Deal and its European Fertilizing Product Regulation – created in part to promote sustainable agricultural strategies in a low-carbon economy through stronger regulations on safety, quality, and labeling requirements for fertilizer products – provides APH with an opportunity to provide an alternative solution in reducing synthetic chemical and fertilizer use.

“We are incredibly proud that Acadian Plant Health is one of the first biostimulant companies to be approved under the EU’s new Fertilizing Product Regulation as part of the Green Deal,” says Dr. Sarah Maude, Vice-President of Technology at Acadian Plant Health. “Acadian’s seaweed extract solutions are positioned to play a vital and positive role in transforming global agriculture – all in a way that successfully meets the challenges we face today, from increased demands on supply to depleting resources. Our solutions can help deliver on the vision of the Green Deal, while ensuring farmers can continue to achieve the results they expect.”

With a goal of cutting overall chemical pesticide use in half by 2030 and decrease fertilizer use by a minimum of 20%, the Green Deal also points to a much broader trend of innovating agricultural practices to help mitigate climate change. APH is positioned to meet the growing demand for sustainable agricultural practices through its Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed extract solutions.

Further to this growing demand for agricultural alternatives, APH’s biostimulant solutions have met the stringent requirements set forth by the EU Green Deal, which guarantees higher levels of soil protection through targeting chemical pesticide and fertilizer reduction and mandating the use of biological, sustainable products. APH’s biostimulants provide an exciting way forward, with the potential to reduce reliance on fertilizers by increasing nutrient use efficiency and improving plant health.

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