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Coromandel Fitsol Grape Grade 1, 2 and 3

20 April 2023, New Delhi: FITSOL Grapes is a unique 100% water soluble mixture of fertilizers developed for fertigation application in Grape crops. It contains Nitrogen, Phosphorous Potassium and Sulphur enriched with secondary and important trace elements. It is highly customized and recommended for Grape crops for higher productivity in terms of quantity and quality.

Pack Size 25 Kg.

  • Complete nutrition solution with just with 3 fertigation grades
  • Based on stage specific nutritional requirement of the grape crops
  • Gromor Fitsol Grapes Grade 1 contains N:P:K:S 13:26:13:3, Grade 2 contains N:P:K:S-9:31:16:2 and Grade 3 contains N:P:K:S -10:0:35:4; along with other micronutrients like Mg, Zn, B, Fe, Mn, and Cu
  • Based on soil fertility status of grapes growing pockets and extensive multi-locational trials in India
  • Tailor made to produce export quality grapes
  • Balanced nutrition with ten essential nutrients results in better quality fruits.
  • Easy to apply and lesser number of applications is required which leads to labour savings
  • Yield improvement due to improved nutrient use efficiency with acidic pH & chelated nutrients
  • Results in better canopy development, uniform flowering and longer inflorescence leading to excellent berry setting and development giving export quality production.

Dosage and application

Grade 1

Foundation pruning: Recommended during pre-bud differentiation (0-40 days) @ 25kg/acre

Fruit pruning: Recommended during bud burst flowering (0-30 days) @ 50kg/acre

Grade 2

Foundation pruning: Recommended during bud differentiation (41-65 days) @ 50 kg/acre

Fruit pruning: Recommended during flowering TO FRUIT (31-75 days)@ 115 kg/acre

Grade 3

Foundation pruning: Recommended during post-bud differentiation (66-120 days)@ 25 kg/acre

Fruit pruning: Recommended during fruit set to veraison (76-105 days)@ 75 kg/acre

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