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Prebiotics and probiotics that care for your microbiota

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27 October 2021, Spain: Most plants live in association with other soil-dwelling organisms. These microorganisms provide nutrients for the plant and the plants provide sugar for the fungi.

In this way, the microorganisms contribute to improving crop yield, increase resistance to pests, and reduce fertilizer dependence. For this reason, there has been ongoing research and studies involving microorganisms in recent years. We can talk about prebiotic and probiotic solutions. Do you know anything about them?

Prebiotics are organic compounds applied to stimulate and elicit microorganisms that live in the soil, favoring the growth of beneficial microorganisms.

Probiotics contain microorganisms that benefit soil health and enrich the microbiome.

In this article, we will explain how our prebiotic and probiotic solutions can help you care for your microbiota to maintain the structure of your soil and achieve greater crop profitability.

What is Microbiota?

Soil microbiota is composed of microorganisms, primarily fungi and bacteria, that inhabit the soil, interacting with each other and with the plant.

If the soil microbiota is in good condition, it increases the plant’s ability to obtain nutrients, therefore, providing us with more productive crops and higher quality fruits, in addition to increasing the plant’s ability to protect itself against pathogens.

This is why it is extremely important to take care of the soil microbiota. The disruption of the microbial balance leads to its degradation, which results in a lower return of organic matter and nutrients, less microbial diversity, and an increase in pathogenic microorganisms, among other consequences.

Products containing prebiotics and probiotics are one way to help the soil counteract these negative effects.

How do we choose the best prebiotics and probiotics for our soil?

The best advice we can give you is to choose a nutritional product that gives you the greatest confidence to achieve the expected result without damaging the soil. It is best to consult with a qualified professional to help you choose the most appropriate solution for your crop since successful microorganism use depends on many factors.

Prebiotics and probiotics: our recommendation

As a result of our research and the study of microorganisms and their behavior, we have created two solutions that are specially designed to care for the soil microbiota: Qlimax and VitaSoil.

The first, Qlimax, is a biofertilizer that acts as a prebiotic. It is composed of fulvic acids from plant sources, calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, and a selection of molecules with a prebiotic function.

What are its effects? Qlimax not only increases the microorganism population, but it also stabilizes the microbial groups associated with plant nutrition and soil recovery. That is, those related to phosphate solubilization, biological nitrogen fixation, or other groups of microorganisms that produce beneficial substances for the soil and the plant.

That is why we especially recommend Qlimax for eroded soils. It can be used on all types of crops and can be applied individually or together with other solutions.

The second, VitaSoilis a probiotic solution composed of a multitude of genera and species of selected microorganisms that provide a variety of benefits for the soil and the crop. Our recommendation is based on its ability to release nutrients, fix nitrogen, and solubilize phosphorus and other microelements that optimize the plant’s nutrition program when the plant needs it most.

The rhizospheric microorganisms we have selected for VitaSoil reinforce the rhizosphere’s main functions, therefore, avoiding soil degradation.

As a result, at Symborg, we are especially interested in taking advantage of these soil-dwelling microorganisms for agriculture.

Symborg makes sustainable agriculture available to everyone and we are working so that you do not have to choose between profitability and protecting against climate change. Our main tools are our biofertilizers, undoubtedly, the most powerful tools for tackling the challenges of today’s agriculture.

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