Biome Makers’ 2023 Impact Report Highlights Innovations in Regenerative Agriculture

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10 May 2024, California: Biome Makers, a global agtech company, announces the release of its 2023 Impact Report, which details the company’s significant contributions to regenerative agriculture and soil health over the past year. The report highlights Biome Makers’ commitment to sustainability and the innovative use of its BeCrop technology. The full 2023 Impact Report is available here.

“Each year, we strive to enhance the sustainability of farming through innovation,” said the co-founders, Dr. Alberto Acedo and Adrian Ferrero, in their joint letter. “In 2023, we made substantial strides in promoting a nature-positive food production system, supporting fair socioeconomic conditions for farmers, and empowering the ecosystem.”

Key achievements highlighted in the 2023 Impact Report include:

  • Enhanced Decision-Making: BeCrop technology provided actionable data that improved a return on investment upwards of 10x for industry players.
  • Reduced Environmental Impact: Implementation of BeCrop has contributed to a 15% reduction in carbon sequestration and a 20% reduction in the impact of agrochemicals across 56 countries.
  • Innovative Updates: New updates to BeCrop technology have enabled more precise, data-driven product recommendations to improve the soil microbiome.

“We are incredibly grateful for the unwavering support from our community and partners. Together, we are paving the way for a sustainable agricultural landscape where both our crops and soils can thrive,” the founders added.

Looking ahead, Biome Makers plans to scale the accessibility of its technology through API integration, fostering greater collaboration and enabling other organizations to leverage their data for deeper insights into soil health. The company is focused on continuous improvement and innovation to ensure a resilient agricultural future.

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