Vestaron Submits Second Bioinsecticide Product, Basin® Flex, for Registration in Europe

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20 July 2023, Europe: Vestaron Corporation, a leading agricultural biotechnology company, announced today the submission of its highly anticipated second biopesticide, Basin® Flex, for registration in Europe through the Dutch Board for the Authorization of Plant Protection Products and Biocides (Ctgb). This milestone marks a significant leap forward in their mission to provide innovative, effective and sustainable crop protection solutions to advance agriculture worldwide.

Basin Flex is a breakthrough biopesticide that harnesses the power of Vestaron’s proprietary R&D platform to control a wide range of crop-damaging pests while minimizing environmental impact. Derived from a naturally occurring peptide, Basin Flex provides growers with a powerful new tool that delivers targeted and effective pest control while re-powering their approach to resistance management.

With its unique mode of action, Basin Flex targets specific pests, including lepidopteran larvae – such as Tuta absoluta and Spodoptera – that can cause substantial damage to various crops. By harnessing the power of natural peptides, Basin Flex reduces reliance on synthetic chemicals, benefitting the environment, workers, and biodiversity in the ecosystem, while promoting long-term agricultural sustainability.

Vestaron’s decision to submit Basin Flex for registration in Europe comes on the heels of its submission of the first peptide-based bioinsecticide Spear®Lep in 2022. Basin Flex has undergone successful field trials and regulatory evaluations in multiple countries which have demonstrated the product as a vital component in an integrated pest management strategy. The company is committed to ensuring that Basin Flex meets all regulatory requirements and standards for registration in Europe, a key market for sustainable agricultural solutions.

Anna Rath, CEO of Vestaron, expressed her enthusiasm for the submission, stating, “We are thrilled to submit Basin Flex for registration in Europe, a crucial step in expanding our product portfolio and fulfilling our commitment to delivering environmentally friendly solutions to farmers. This milestone demonstrates our dedication to providing effective and sustainable alternatives to conventional pest control methods that growers in Europe are losing every year.”

As Vestaron awaits the outcome of the regulatory review process, the company remains focused on advancing its integrated pest management solutions and expanding its global reach. Vestaron’s commitment to sustainable agriculture and its dedication to innovative biopesticides reinforce its position as a leader in the field of agricultural biotechnology.

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