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Dharwad’s Alphonso Mangoes Conquer New Frontier in the US Market

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16 May 2024, Karnataka: Dharwad, a district in north Karnataka, is renowned for its Alphonso mangoes, a prized variety among the region’s mango orchards. These mangoes, locally known as Aposa, have traditionally been highly sought-after in the Middle Eastern countries. However, a recent development suggests a new and promising market has emerged for Dharwad’s Alphonso mangoes – the United States.

This year, a group of five American visitors to Pramod Gaonkar’s mango orchard near the village of Kalikeri marked a significant milestone. Impressed by the exceptional quality of the Aposa mangoes, they placed an order for 5 tons, initiating the export process to the United States. This journey involves transporting the mangoes to Mumbai for stringent quality checks before being shipped directly to cities like San Francisco and Chicago.

Pramod Gaonkar, who manages a 50-acre mango plantation, expressed pride in this achievement, highlighting the international recognition of the quality of Karnataka’s mangoes. The local demand for Aposa mangoes also remains strong, with significant quantities entering the market daily, indicating a prosperous season for Dharwad’s mango farmers.

This year’s mango crop is notably one of the best in recent years, reflecting positively on the region’s agricultural practices and the global appeal of its produce. The new demand from the American market signifies a notable development for the Alphonso mangoes of Dharwad, opening up a fresh opportunity for the region’s mango industry to expand its international reach.

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