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Office of the Gene Technology Regulator’s public consultation to assess GT-73 for inclusion on the GMO Register

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03 February 2022, AU: The Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) has begun a public consultation period to assess the inclusion of GT-73 on the Australian GMO Register.

GT-73 is the event name for Roundup Ready® canola. Monsanto Australia Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of Bayer CropScience AG, has held a license for dealings involving the intentional release of Roundup Ready canola since 2003 (DIR 020/2002), that has allowed the unrestricted distribution of this technology in commercial canola varieties. The license includes specific conditions that Bayer must comply with, to address risks relating to the environment (i.e., weediness & gene transfer).

At Bayer the stewardship of all products is a key priority, and in addition to upholding all legal requirements, our voluntary commitment to the management of risk goes above and beyond in a number of areas. For Roundup Ready canola, the compulsory accreditation requirement, crop management plan, resistance management plan and weed management guide include specific recommendations to ensure the safe use of Roundup Ready canola. This is important to protect the environment, promote resistance management, and maintain coexistence of GM and non-GM commodity markets.

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Roundup Ready canola has been a useful tool for canola growers since its commercial introduction in 2008. Every year up to 400 new growers plant Roundup Ready canola or TruFlex® canola for the first time. Bayer’s stewardship requirements play a critical role in ensuring new and existing growers maintain a strong practice of safe use. 

As we approach the 2022 growing season, the existing stewardship processes for Roundup Ready canola and TruFlex canola will not change. All growers must be accredited and sign the most recent version of the License & Stewardship Agreement (LSA) prior to collecting their seed for planting in 2022. 

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