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Innovative licensing mechanism paying dividends to farmers and researchers

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10 February 2022, India: The sorghum hybrid CSH 24 MF developed using ICRISAT breeding material was given special recognition as the Outstanding Forage Hybrid in 2019 for revolutionizing forage sorghum production in India. This multicut forage Sorghum hybrid developed by GB Pant University of Agriculture and Technology – India uses ‘Pant chari 6’ as the male parent and ICRISAT bred line, ICSA 467 as the female parent. This sorghum hybrid has been registered with the Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers’ Rights (PPV & FR) Authority, New Delhi, as an Extant Notified Variety.

Released in 2009 for cultivation as multicut forage in summer season, this hybrid gained steady popularity.

To meet the growing demand for the certified seed CSH 24 MF, ICAR – Indian Institute of Millets Research has licensed the parental lines to private seed companies for commercialization. This innovative mechanism of licensing the hybrid parents to private sector partners, on a non-exclusive basis, for commercial hybrid production and marketing is paying dividends to both the farmers and its developers in India.

This licensing ensures the availability of breeder seed for producing the multicut forage sorghum hybrid. In 2021, ICAR – IIMR licensed the seed production to 11 companies for US$ 73,000 and 20% of this license fee is shared with ICRISAT which will promote further research.

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