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Fostering agricultural innovation: collaborative meetings with NARC and NSSRC in Nepal

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14 October 2023, Nepal: On October 4, 2023, Sieglinde Snapp, program director of the Sustainable Agrifood System (SAS) program, along with the country representative of CIMMYT and project lead of the Nepal Seed and Fertilizer Project (NSAF) Dyutiman Choudhary, visited the National Soil Science Research Center (NSSRC) under the Nepal Agricultural Research Council (NARC). The chief of NSSRC, Shree Prasad Vista, and his team welcomed Snapp and the team from CIMMYT. In the meeting, Vista presented an overview of NSSRC’s work and emphasized the collaborative work with NSAF. He focused on the achievements NSSRC has accomplished with the joint efforts of NSAF. He highlighted the launch of the Digital Soil Map and new fertilizer recommendations. He also reflected on the benefits of soil health cards to the farmers that NSAF supported. In addition, he prioritized the importance of collaboration to improve the livelihood of farmers. He appreciated the cross-learning that CIMMYT has been providing for knowledge transfer and adopting best management practices. After the meeting, the team visited the NSSRC’s laboratory, which provided insights about their soil research activities.

Following the visit to NSSRC, Snapp and CIMMYT colleagues visited the NARC Head Office within the same premises. The Executive Director of NARC, Dhurbaraj Bhattari, welcomed the delegates in his office. The ED presented an overview of NARC and its primary focus. He emphasized the importance of collaborative work with CIMMYT. After the presentation, the delegates from CIMMYT, NARC and NSSRC discussed critical issues regarding sustainable agricultural practices. The primary focus of the meeting was the strategies to boost sustainable agricultural productivity to enhance crop yields, value chain enhancement for farmer’s benefits, policy development for collaboration and harmonization to encourage horizontal and vertical cooperation between different stakeholders, need for investment in research and infrastructure at the grassroots level for addressing the challenges faced by farmers.

Addressing the meeting, Snapp focused on the importance of partnership aligning with CIMMYT’s latest strategies to facilitate knowledge transfer and the adoption of best practices. She also raised her concerns regarding the loss of crops between harvest and storage. She reflected on the commitment of CIMMYT to improving agriculture through science and innovation to change the livelihood of farmers. She showed her commitment to ongoing collaboration for sustainable agricultural development.

The meeting provided a platform to strengthen the longstanding collaboration between CIMMYT and NARC to address the challenges faced by farmers to enhance agricultural productivity through sustainable approaches. The Executive Director of NARC extended heartfelt gratitude for CIMMYT’s support, which has played a pivotal role in transforming the lives of countless farmers. He also expressed hope for continued collaboration in the future.

Snapp visited CIMMYT Nepal from October 3-7, 2023. 2023. During her visit, she interacted and engaged with various stakeholders, including Nepal staff, farmers in the field, agricultural cooperatives, government authorities, seed growers, suppliers and feed mills.

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