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Which are the top 10 soybean varieties grown in India?

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30 January 2023, New Delhi: Soybean is an important crop in India and is one of the most important sources of vegetable protein. It is also a major source of edible oil. It is also a major source of income for small and marginal farmers in India. 

Soybean is an important crop for India as it is one of the major oilseed crops, and provides protein-rich feed for livestock. Soybean has been a major contributor to India’s food security, nutrition, and rural employment.

The top 10 soybean varieties grown in India:

1. JS 335

2. JS 20

3. JS 95-60

4. JS 95-05

5. JS 335-05

6. JS 922

7. JS 20-05

8. JS 97-60

9. JS 95-10

10. JS 20-10

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